The Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP) is the principal source of dependable and timely marine fishery statistics for Atlantic coast fisheries



An experienced and committed staff assists program partners in implementing program standards, drawing upon years of work in the fields of statistics, marine policy, communications, and information systems.

To reach any member of the staff simply call 703.842.0780 or email individuals using the following format: first name (period) last name (@) accsp (period) org.

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Mike Cahall, Director

As the Director, Mike’s primary responsibilities include managing the continuing development and operation of the ACCSP. This includes executive leadership for the Program, overall programmatic management and guidance, committee staff support, and responsibility for the day-to-day operations.

Mike is the staff person dedicated to the Coordinating Council and the Executive Committee.

Mike earned a Bachelor's degree from West Virginia University.

Julie Defilippi Simpson, Data Team Leader

As the Data Team Leader, Julie’s primary role is to provide guidance for all data related activities. This includes responsibility for the commercial and biological data, data collection and warehousing projects, user interface projects, and data dissemination activities. She also works closely with Ed, IS Manager on database development and maintenance.

Julie is the staff person dedicated to the Standard Codes Committee.

Julie has a Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology from Boston University.

Karen Holmes, Software Team Leader

As Software Team Leader, Karen’s primary responsibilities are to coordinate the development and management of the ACCSP data management systems. This includes the production, development, testing, and documenting of software supporting the fisheries information systems, as well as any custom software required for internal operations.

Karen is the staff person dedicated to the Information Systems Committee.

Karen earned a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems from Western New England College.

Ed Martino, IT Manager and Programmer

As the IT Manager and Programmer for ACCSP and ASFMC, Ed’s roles include system and network administrator, DBA, and programmer for both ACCSP and ASMFC.  Ed is responsible for the development, support, and upgrading of ACCSP and ASMFC computer systems. His system-support responsibilities include local networks, server and PC troubleshooting, and database administration.  Ed’s programming responsibilities include development and maintenance of web and mobile applications and use of automation scripts to improve overall system efficiency. 

Ed earned a Ph.D. from University of Maryland, a Bachelor’s degree in biology and computer science from Rutgers University, and completed a Master’s degree in computer science from George Washington University.

Geoff White, Recreational Program Manager

As Recreational Program Manager, Geoff’s primary responsibility is the implementation of the state conduct of the Marine Recreational Information Program Access Point Angler Intercept Survey (MRIP APAIS) from Maine to Georgia.

Geoff is the staff person dedicated to the Recreational Technical Committee.

Geoff earned his Master's degree in Fisheries Science from the College of William and Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences and a Bachelor's degree from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA.

Alex DiJohnson, Recreational Data Coordinator

As Recreational Data Coordinator, Alex’s primary responsibilities include ensuring consistent data entry and interpretation through the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) Access-Point Angler Intercept Survey (APAIS). He will also train ACCSP and Atlantic state employees on the procedures of the survey.

Alex is responsible for coordinating data submission for the states of Delaware through Georgia and is the primary point of contact for any issues that arise in those states.

Alex earned a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Conservation from Juniata College. He is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Natural Resources from Delaware State University where he is studying the behavioral response of Atlantic Sturgeon to commercial shipping in the Delaware River.

Heather Konell, Data Coordinator

As Data Coordinator, Heather’s primary responsibilities include providing programming capabilities and system support required to develop and fine tune the data management system. She also assists users as they access the system and supports customer-related data intensive activities (e.g., stock assessment data workshop). Heather has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science from Stockton University.

Heather is the staff person dedicated to the Biological Review Panel and the Bycatch Prioritization Committee. 

Joseph Myers, Senior Data Coordinator

As Senior Data Coordinator with the Data Team, Joe’s primary responsibilities are providing support and assistance in the compilation, analysis, use, and dissemination of data collected and stored by the ACCSP. He also represent the ACCSP at various stock assessment activities and will participate in the stock assessment process as needed.

Joe is the staff person dedicated to the Commercial Technical Committee.

Joe has earned a Master of Science from the University of South Alabama, Dauphin Island Sea Lab and a Bachelor of Science from Stony Brook University.

Nicholas Mwai, Fisheries Programmer

As a Fisheries Programmer with the Software Team, Nicholas’ (Nico) primary responsibilities are to provide expert consultations to partners as they implement new reporting and licensing/permitting systems, as well as support the development of SAFIS.

Jennifer Ni, Fisheries Data Analyst

As the Fisheries Data Analyst member of the Data Team, Jennifer’s primary responsibilities are for development and maintenance of partner data feeds and verification, website development and confidential data accounts maintenance, and assisting HMS data collection activities as needed.

Jen earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Xiamen University in China.

Sarah Rains, Recreational Data Analyst

As Recreational Data Analyst, Sarah’s primary responsibility is the capture, processing, and validation of fisheries survey data for the Marine Recreational Information Program Access Point Angler Intercept Survey (MRIP APAIS) from Maine to Georgia. Sarah has previous experience as the ACCSP Maryland State Coordinator and as an Analyst for Environmental Science and Policy at Cadmus Group, Inc.. She earned her Master's degree in Marine Estuarine and Environmental Science from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor's degree in Art Education from Penn State University.

Ali Schwaab, Program Manager

As Program Manager, Ali’s primary responsibilities include managing ACCSP Outreach, providing staff support for some ACCSP committees, monitoring Partner performance, and providing support to the Program Director.

Ali earned her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Maryland, College Park and her Master’s degree in Coastal and Marine Resource Management at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom.

Coleby Wilt, Recreational Data Coordinator

As Recreational Data Coordinator, Coleby’s primary responsibilities include aiding in the implementation of APAIS and ensuring daily aspects of the survey run properly. He also will be in charge of data submission for the states of Maine through New Jersey and will be the primary point of contact for any issues that arise within those states. Coleby earned his Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Nebraska and a Bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.