Partner Project Funding Our Annual RFP Process

We support further innovation in fisheries-dependent data collection and management technology through our annual funding process.

We fund Partner data projects based on their potential to help achieve Program goals. This page is updated each spring when the Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued. Relevant documents and the funding cycle timeline are provided below.

Below are the relevant documents for the ACCSP funding cycle:


Funding Decision Document

The Funding Decision Document outlines an overview of the annual process that is instituted prior to sending out a request for proposals. The document describes the roles of the committees and Program Partners and what they do to participate in leading up to the decision of funding of the projects made by the Coordinating Council.


FY 2019 Request for Proposals

The information found in this document is specific to the information you will need when submitting a proposal for FY2019. ACCSP issues a new request for proposal each year based on a rigorous and timely set of guidelines suggested by the Operations Committee and approved by the Coordinating Council.


FY 2019 Ranking Criteria
The information included in this document is the breakdown of the set of criteria and the value of each that will be used to rank proposals. Proposal are ranked by the Operations and Advisory committees in the Fall and approved by the Coordinating Council in a meeting in November.


FY 2019 Biological Priority Matrix
This document outlines top 25 Atlantic coast species that are of priority for gathering biological data for the ACCSP. These rankings were devised by the Biological Review Panel.


FY 2019 Bycatch Priority Matrix
This document outlines priorities for proposals for observer coverage which should align with fisheries affecting the top quartile priority species that will assist for gathering bycatch data for the ACCSP. These rankings were devised by the Bycatch Prioritization Committee.


FY 2019 Recreational Priorities
This document outlines the following recreational priorities: 1) improve precision of estimates (by increasing sample size), 2) improve discard/release data, 3) change from 2 month waves to monthly estimates, and 4) for-hire logbook implementation and validation. These rankings were devised by the Recreational Technical Committee.

Start of ACCSP FY18

March 1, 2018

Coordinating Council Spring Meeting

May 1


May 7, 2018

Initial Proposals Due

June 11

Review Initial Proposals

July 12

Feedback Submitted to PIs

July 23

Revised Proposals Due

August 13

Preliminary Ranking Exercise

August 28

Proposals Ranked at Joint Operations and Advisors Annual Meeting

September 25-26

Final Ranking Presented to Coordinating Council

October 22

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