Guiding Documents

Strategic Plan

This plan outlines the Program's goals and strategies for implementation of its data collection and management standards for commercial, for-hire, and recreational fisheries for the five year period of 2014-2018.

Other relevant document(s):

2008-2012 Strategic Plan (PDF)

2002-2006 Strategic Plan (PDF)

Annual Reports

Distributed in May each year, this document gives constituents an overview of the successes from the past fiscal year which and in February. In it you will find highlights from current partner projects underway, as well as, highlights from the Data Team, Software Team, and the Program Department.


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Other relevant document(s):

First Ten Year Report


Download the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to view the agreement set between program partners to design and implement a cooperative state-federal marine and coastal fisheries statistics program.

MOU October 1995 | Addendum, May 1999 | Addendum, November 2002

Outreach Strategic Plan

The Program's outreach campaign consistently targets those with the greatest interest in fisheries data: fisheries managers, stock assessment scientists, social and economic scientists, commercial and recreational fishermen, non-governmental organizations, legislators and media. Download the 2014-2018 Outreach Strategic Plan here.

Program Reviews

Download the final report of the Independent Program Review (IPR) of 2012 here. In 2011, a work group was formed to design a process for an independent program review. This process consisted of interviews and surveys conducted by Touchstone, Inc. in the summer of 2012, a workshop in the fall of 2012 to review specific white papers, and culminated with a report by four independent reviewers.

In August 2013 a response document to the IPR report was approved by the Coordinating Council. That response document can be downloaded here.

Other relevant document(s):

2006 External Peer Review Final Report

2006 External Peer Review Process

August 2005 Coordinating Council Executive Summary

Program Calendar

The fiscal year calendar provides dates and locations for both ACCSP committee meetings and additional meetings or conferences that may be of interest to our partners. ACCSP's funding cycle milestones are also provided. This calendar is produced at the beginning of the fiscal year and is subject to change. Visit the digital website calendar for the most up-to-date information. FY 2018