After months of collaboration, the ACCSP and its Program Partners have agreed upon an update to the catch disposition codes. Suggested changes were submitted by the For-Hire logbook group, the state of Maine, and the Commercial Technical Committee. The updated codes accommodate a broad spectrum of dispositions, and can be used for commercial, for-hire, and recreational trips.

The Standard Codes committee has reviewed, edited, and approved the changes. No changes will be required for Data Warehouse and SAFIS users, but please be aware the available dispositions have changed. It may be useful to review the new list before any performing any submissions or queries. The effective roll out date is August 5, 2019. If you have any questions or concerns, please email We thank you for your patience.

Disposition Changes

1 Kept (previously General Utilization) Research
2 Food
3 Personal Use
4 Bait
5 Kept, disposition unknown
6 General Utilization No Catch
7 Placed in Car *
8 Removed for Sale *
9 Aquaculture *
10 Canned Pet Food

* Data Warehouse historical use only – now catch source