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SAFIS eTRIPS/mobile v2.0 certified by Greater Atlantic Region (GARFO) for eVTR

ACCSP has been working with its partners to create a more flexible version of the SAFIS eTRIPS/mobile application. SAFIS eTRIPS/mobile v2.0, released earlier this year, serves as the foundation for the future application envisioned as part of the SAFIS redesign. This application increases options for user by running on multiple operating systems and platforms, including…

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Notice to Users: Changes to Catch Dispositions

After months of collaboration, the ACCSP and its Program Partners have agreed upon an update to the catch disposition codes. Suggested changes were submitted by the For-Hire logbook group, the state of Maine, and the Commercial Technical Committee. The updated codes accommodate a broad spectrum of dispositions, and can be used for commercial, for-hire, and…

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