SAFIS eTRIPS for electronic reporting with multiple federal permits

The SAFIS eTRIPS application is the ideal choice for anyone who holds more than one commercial or for-hire federal permit. It is currently the only reporting application that will fulfill the reporting requirements for vessels with multiple federal permits. In addition,

  • eTRIPS/mobile is available on Apple and Android phones and tablets and Windows 10 (PC)
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Informational webpage with tutorial videos
  • By November 10, will be compliant with permit reporting requirements for:

GARFO commercial permits

SERO Coastal Fisheries Logbook Program (CFLP)

HMS Commercial Logbook

GARFO for-hire permits

Southeast For-Hire Permits (SEFHIER)

HMS For-Hire Permit

GARFO-permitted commercial fishing vessels will be required to report electronically starting November 10, 2021. Fishers will need an electronic vessel trip report (eVTR) for each trip and must submit completed reports within 48 hours of the end of a trip.

Vessels issued for-hire permits for New England Fishery Management Council-managed fisheries (NEFMC) will also be required to use eVTR and report within 48 hours of the end of a trip. Vessels issued a for-hire permit for a Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC) species or a private recreational vessel tilefish permit already submit vessel trip reports electronically.

These reporting requirements do not apply to vessels holding only a permit for American lobster.

GARFO and their partners have developed applications that meet federal eVTR reporting requirements.

ACCSP Resources

ACCSP offers eTRIPS/ mobile and eTRIPS/ online resources to help users navigate SAFIS eTRIPS. On the eTRIPS Help Page, you can find instructions, various helpful links, and videos on creating trips, setting up features, resetting your password and more.

The SAFIS Helpdesk is available 24/7!


Other Resources

GARFO will be offering virtual office hours for fishing vessel owners and operators who need assistance with getting started with eVTRs. This will allow fishermen located away from port offices to obtain immediate access to Port Agents. Office hours will be held for 2 hours on specific days. Please see the GARFO announcement for more information and additional resources.

The MAFMC will be hosting eVTR training webinars which ACCSP will attend to do demonstrations of the eTRIPS/mobile application and answer questions. Please see the MAFMC Commercial Electronic Trip Reporting page for webinar details and other resources.