SAFIS eTRIPS/mobile Version 2 update

The Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP) announces that the newest version of eTRIPS/mobile v2 is now available.

Why eTRIPS/mobile

  • eTRIPS/mobile is available on Apple and Android phones and tablets and Windows 10 (PC)
  • Easy-to-use interface with color scheme designed for day or night
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Informational webpage with tutorial videos
  • Compliant with permit reporting requirements for multiple states and federal agencies.

What’s New!

The SAFIS eTRIPS application is the ideal choice for anyone who holds more than one commercial or for-hire federal permit. It is currently the only reporting application that will fulfill the reporting requirements for vessels with multiple federal permits from:

GARFO commercial permits

GARFO for-hire permits

SERO Coastal Fisheries Logbook Program (CFLP)

Southeast For-Hire Permits (SEFHIER)

HMS Commercial Logbook

HMS For-Hire Permit

New Features

  • Displaying Statistical Areas in map views
  • Single click setting of Set latitude, longitude and date-time fields for certain gear attributes
  • Landing locations available from list of valid locations
  • Ability of user to explicitly create an effort with no catches 
  • Addition of search helper text to the vessel picker popup
  •  Additional economic questions for the SE Commercial Fishery Logbook Program and HMS Pelagic Logbook. These questions are optional and appear for a SERO permitted vessel on trip type Commercial.
  • Additional buttons to populate set level gear attribute questions for specific gears. These questions and buttons appear for a SERO permitted vessel on trip type Commercial.
  • Addition of a bottom drawer menu to make common commands/options more accessible. This menu is accessed using the three green dot button at the bottom and includes commands such as Delete Trip, Delete Effort, Offload Catches, Add a Catch, and New Effort.
  • New mapping areas
  • Updated Vessel search help text
  • Additional metadata fields ACCSP is collecting for the platform, vendor, and application version. 


  • Moved Location to the top of the Effort 
  • Updated the map to display the Area Code. This will lead to more reliable answers in Waters Fished.
  • Bug fixes

Live Versions: 
Android                  2.2.23329
iOS                         2.3.23331
Windows                2.4.23327

EVAL Versions: 
Android Eval                2.2.23328
iOS Eval                       2.3.23330
Windows Eval              2.5.23326

eTRIPS Resources

ACCSP offers eTRIPS/ mobile and eTRIPS/ online resources to help users navigate SAFIS eTRIPS. On the eTRIPS Help Page, you can find instructions, various helpful links, and videos on creating trips, setting up features, resetting your password and more.

The SAFIS Helpdesk is available 24/7!